Specialists in water efficiency

Smartvatten for Real Estate monitors and analyzes the water consumption through main meters and submeters, in properties like offices, apartments, hotels, healthcare facilities, and logistics centers.

Our comprehensive water efficiency service works with any meter in any building around the world, helps save water, time and money, and contributes to a sustainable future.


Smartvatten for Water Utilities water management software uses AI to interpret data, and helps water utilities make informed decisions.


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Trusted by leading organizations across 22 countries in more than 10000 buildings and 200000 apartments

With Smartvatten, you will

Save water

Save water

Minimize the water consumption of your properties without compromising on convenience.

Save money

Save money

Our customers save an average of 20% on their water costs and free up their maintenance crew's valuable time.

Help the environment

Help the environment

We help you create a sustainable water efficiency strategy and achieve your water efficiency goals.

Earn points for certifications

Earn points for certifications

Signing up means automatically scoring points toward your BREEAM and GRESB certifications.

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Smartvatten in the world

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Solid benefits for our customers


leak alerts on average per year


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How we work


Order & Install

Choose the number of locations and water meters to be monitored. We’ll help you figure out which subscription plan works best for your organization. The devices are delivered straightaway. They’re easy to install by you or your maintenance crew, and we’re happy to assist!


Measure & Analyze

After installation, the device is immediately linked to our system. Five minutes later, we’re already measuring your water consumption. Our software analyzes the collected data and provides you with regular reports and automatic leak alerts.


Implement & Save

The insight into your property’s water consumption allows you to fix leaks and prevent waste. We can help you create a custom water efficiency strategy and start implementing water saving measures. Together, we can save water, time and money!

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